Welders&fitters – Dutch course for second language welders and fitters

Primary objective: To teach second language welders and fitters the basics of the Dutch language which they will need in their everyday working environment in order to work savely and to communicate with their Dutch colleagues and management

Target group: This course is mainly intended for all foreign welders and fitters who will be working in the Netherlands or who intend to work in the Netherlands. The method can be used for individual or group courses, in company courses or professional training courses, inside or outside the Netherlands.

Level: The method is suitable for absolute beginners as well as those who already have some basic knowledge of the Dutch language but who need to learn specific vocabulary and speaking skills to work as a welder/fitter in the Netherlands.

o    Clear and structured development of principles
o    Well-organised chapters with pages where themes and functional language are introduced 
o    A strong focus on vocabulary and speaking competences
o    Presentation of vocabulary on the basis of photos
o    Implicit introduction of basic grammar
o    Alphabetic wordlist
o    Photo sheets

The Welders&fitters method consists of:

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