Content Listen and Learn

- Alphabet - In the restaurant
- Verbs - At the office
- Numbers - Colours
- Days of the week - At home
- Months of the year and seasons - Asking directions
- Clock - The human body
- Greetings and goodbyes - Clothing
- Family - Past Simple
- In the shop - Adjectives
- Eating and drinking - Antonyms
  - Perfectum
  - Inversion
  - Asking questions
  - Expressions



Listen to the Dutch word or phrase.
Read along with the English translation, out loud. In the pause that follows, you can repeat the Dutch word or phrase and continue practising in this way. You can also think about the correct translation in your language and give your own answers to all the questions.

By consistently practising, with and without the text, you can learn many new words as well as how to pronounce them! You could also write down the words: listen to the word or phrase and write it down. Then check the translations and the pronounciation.

New translations

Russian and French translations of Listen and Learn are now available via the Login docent.