Listen and Learn: CD with listening texts for second language learners of Dutch at A1 level

Primary objective: Acquisition of basic vocabulary through listening and repeating (*).

(*) We know that several factors play a role in the process of learning a second (foreign) language.
Extensive research has shown that repetition builds memory (Long Term Potentiation) and strengthens neural networks. Through repetition, a strong impression is formed and storage of these impressions is consolidated. The impression of word or phrase finds its way from short-term into long-term memory. With strong neural networks, the material learned binds more easily, is more readily applied and related to different experiences (Gerjanne Dirksen – Breincentraal leren ®, Uitgangspunten voor meer leerrendement)
On these audio-CDs there are words, short sentences and expressions whereby every student of Dutch can practice their pronunciation by listening, imitating and constantly repeating, and in this way consolidate acquisition of basic vocabulary and structures.

Target group: Listen and Learn is well-suited to each and every NT2 learner whether those preparing for the Citizenship exam abroad or those who, in addition to their foundation course in Dutch, wish to practice and consolidate basic vocabulary and elementary knowledge through uncomplicated listening and repeating.

Level: The CDs are appropriate for absolute beginners as well as so-called “false” beginners. The level of the material is A1.


  • Clear, well-structured explanations
  • Listen and Learn, more than 1500 words and expressions
  • With pauses to practice pronunciation or check translation
  • Can be used independently or additional to any foundation course
  • Slots perfectly into Totaal, a Dutch beginner’s course for second language learners
  • Text and English translation available for free from
  • 24 themes, including alphabet, verbs, numbers, days and months, in the shop, eating and drinking, restaurant, office, asking for directions, antonyms, inversion, asking questions, expressions

The Listen and Learn method Dutch for second language learners, consists of:

Listen and Learn, set of 2 audio-CDs ISBN 978-90-805453-5-9 € 16,51

(price exclusive of 6% VAT, postage and packing)

Stuck in traffic again? On the road again? Fifteen minutes to while away?
Learn Dutch in the meantime!

On the 2 audio-CDs Listen and Learn there are words, short sentences and expressions for anyone wanting to practise their pronunciation, basic vocabulary and basic structures by listening, repeating and intensive repetition.
And I mean: intensive repetition!

Additional translations

The English, French and Russian translations can be requested via the Login teacher.