Content Totaal Techniek

  • Lesson 1 You come across them everywhere (includes shapes and forms, measuring instruments and appliances, tools, materials)
  • Lesson 2 Filling in forms (includes job applications and work permits)
  • Lesson 3 Working with a computer (includes working in automation)
  • Lesson 4 What do I see? (includes pictograms and symbols, traffic and prohibitory signs)
  • Lesson 5 Health & Safety (includes labour law, fire prevention, dangerous materials and safety measures)
  • Lesson 6 And what do you do? (includes electricity, technical drawing, measuring and regulating  techniques)


  • Overview of Grammar
  • Irregular verbs
  • Combinations with prepositions
  • Key



Grammar overview:

Articles, negation, Present Simple, Past Simple, Perfectum, verbs with prefixes, indefinite article, conjunctions, adjectives, comparatives, relative pronouns, action + result of the action, (om) te + infinitive, er.