TOTAAL TECHNIEK, A Dutch course for second language learners working in technical services.

Primary objective: To improve fluency of second language learners of Dutch by extending their technical vocabulary.

Target Group: Second language learners who have been educated to secondary school level and higher, who have a good basic level of Dutch and who work (or will be working) in a technical environment. The method can be used for individual or group courses.

Level: The method is suitable for second language learners who already have an A2 level in Dutch. Totaal Techniek develops language competence to the point where the learner is able to communicate in common and typical situations within a technical environment.


  • Clear and structured development of principles
  • Well-organised chapters with pages where themes and functional language are introduced 
  • Technical themes tailored to the interests and needs of learners
  • A strong focus on speaking competences and grammatical structures 
  • A review of basic grammar
  • Separate overview of grammatical structures
  • Irregular verb list
  • Key

Areas covered in Totaal Techniek are, among others; materials, measuring instruments and appliances, Health & Safety, Fire Prevention and filling in technical forms.

The Totaal Techniek method consists of:

Course book ISBN 978-94-90728-01-4 € 55,00
Teacher’s handbook Available online in due course, upon request free

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In a comprehensive introduction, Mr Bert Geijselaers of SPIE gives his vision of working in technical engineering, dealing with staff shortages and the importance of speaking good Dutch. "This book is for everyone with an enthusiasm for technical sciences, whether as one’s passion, as a foundation for a career or for satisfying a general interest in things technical. With the help of this book, second language learners can make great strides in acquiring the language of technical engineering, an understanding of Dutch engineering, the nuts and bolts of the Dutch language and the industry in the Netherlands. All this, (design, development and practice), was embedded in a cordial collaboration between Efficace and SPIE.