TOTAAL 2, Continuation Course in Dutch for second language learners

Primary objective: To teach adult second language learners everyday speech for life in the Netherlands.

Target group: Totaal is mainly intended for learners educated to secondary school standard and higher. The method can be used for individual or group courses, both within and outside the Netherlands.  The book contains a great deal of material for self-activation and autonomous learning: vocabulary lists, irregular verb lists, combinations with prepositions list, grammatical terminology list, a wealth of listening and practice material and keys to the tests and to all listening and homework exercises.

Level: The method is suitable for learners who have completed a Dutch foundation course and achieved an A1+/A2- level. Totaal takes the learner to a language competence level which enables him or her to communicate in any daily or frequent language use situation which might arise.

Upon completion of the continuation course, learners can achieve an A2+/B1 level, in terms of the European Framework of Reference.


  • Clear and structured development of principles
  • Well-organised chapters with pages where themes and functional language are introduced
  • Topical themes tailored to the interests and needs of learners
  • A strong focus on grammatical structures
  • Strong focus on the development of speaking, listening and writing skills
  • A wealth of practice material
  • Schematic overview of grammar
  • Each chapter has an alphabetical vocabulary list on CD-rom

Themes covered in Totaal 2 are, among others, getting acquainted, technical vocabulary, the industrious Dutch, the digital world, the future and typical Dutch behaviour.
All structure and listening exercises are available on:

  • cd-rom (.mp3-files)
  • set of 3 audio-cd's.

The Totaal 2 method consists of:

Course book 2 (incl. cd-rom) ISBN 978-90-805453-6-6 € 46,70
Course book 2 (incl. audio-cd's) ISBN 978-90-805453-7-3 € 61,32
Cd-rom 2 ISBN 978-90-805453-8-0 €   9,95
Audio-cd's 2 (set of 3) ISBN 978-90-805453-9-7 € 25,00

(Prices are exclusive of VAT, postage and packing)

As well as texts, vocabulary and grammar, each lesson contains extensive practice material for developing speaking, listening and writing skills.

The Netherlands – The Dutch

Totaal 2 also devotes attention to knowledge of Dutch society in The Netherlands – The Dutch section, a fine way to make inroads into all sorts of subjects which give background to the language, the country and its inhabitants.